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Hospitality and Tourism Management, Bachelor of Commerce

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Hospitality Management - Diploma

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Management Theories & Practices in the Hospitality Industry

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Degree Programme in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management, Haaga campus

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Hospitality Management - Diploma. The Hospitality Industry consists of a diverse range of business types and sizes, from multi-national hotel corporations and. Hospitality Organizational Management.

interpretation of findings, and preparation of the final draft according to thesis standards 1. Overview of casino gaming operations in the hospitality and tourism industry from a global and local perspective.

2. Management Consultants specializing in supervisory training and development,coaching, training design, strategies,employee motivation,people management,human. Make creative and appropriate decisions for a variety of hospitality management situations; Apply basic culinary terminology, knife skills, cooking techniques, and appropriate safety and sanitation practices for the hospitality industry.

hospitality & tourism management graduate students organization (htmgo) This Organization has been set up to promote HTM Graduate Students, to provide fellowship between HTM graduate students and faculty of the department, to represent student needs and wants including research, mentoring, networking, etc.

By joining a professional organization, you will benefit by meeting and networking with hospitality industry professionals. Restaurant Management/Food & Beverage Service The National Restaurant Association.

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