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The Best Free Online Writing Courses for Creative Writers, Fiction, and Nonfiction

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The following list includes both free and paid classes, but from my experience, the paid ones are more than worth it. Be careful to distinguish between courses that come with feedback on your writing and ones that just include information. - IELTS Classes, Online IELTS Training

Each free English class helps you study English grammar or vocabulary in use. After you study an online English class, go to the English practice message boards where you can practice using the English grammar and vocabulary by communicating with English students around the world.

The free English classes are rated for difficulty. The Online Creative Writing Program makes it easy to take courses taught by instructors from Stanford’s writing community. Thanks to the flexibility of the online format, these courses can be taken anywhere, anytime—a plus for students who lead busy lives or for whom regular travel to the Stanford campus is not possible.

Online training through video classes Practice exams for Reading, Writing & Listening Training for Academic and General Modules Tutor assistance through email & chat You can take classes any where, any time All these just for $99, But now from $ WRITING CLASSES FOR KIDS AND ADULTS.

These courses are for writers aged 8 to 80 and beyond. Even though the name of the course might be the same. Here are 45 (free!) online classes that will teach you everything—from programming and design to speech writing and conflict resolution.

Online writing classes free
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