Promotional strategies of big bazaar palakkad

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Promotional Strategies of Big Bazaar Palakkad

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Big Bazaar - Get Home Care, Food Items & Latest Fashion at Best Prices

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Promotional Strategies of Big Bazaar Palakkad

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The focus should be on achieving the retail business itself. Big Bazaar: Saste Main Party (Celebrate Party in Economy Price) Recently, a giant retail chain Big Bazaar (Future group) has made change in its corporate logo and celebrated successfully 10 years.

It has developed nice television commercial campaign for new look and corporate branding. It is a core competency of Big bazaar that always coming with. There are 2 types of promotional strategies of big bazaar.

One is the advertisement which promotes the brand and creates awareness towards people. It is not targeted at promoting each store but only creates an image of Big Bazaar as low-cost shopping option. May 17,  · Adept FoundationADEPT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, MBA DHARWAD.

(A ppr oved by SMU UNIVE RSI TY MANIP AL) STUDY O. BIG BAZAAR is designed as an agglomeration of bazaars or Indian markets with clusters offering a wide range of merchandise including fashion and apparels, food products, general merchandise, furniture, electronics, books, fast food and leisure and entertainment sections.

Project on sales promotion in big bazaar 1. CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION SALES PROMOTION Sales are the lifeblood of a business, without sales there would be no business in the first place; therefore it is very important that if a business wants to succeed, it should have a sales promotion strategy in mind.

The purpose of this Job analysis is in response to the current merger facing InterClean Incorporated and its employees. Welcoming this opportunity and supporting changes on this Journey is encouraged.

Promotional strategies of big bazaar palakkad
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