Writing a poetry manifesto project

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Beyond the Manifesto: Language Poetry and Lyn Hejinian's The Language of Inquiry

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Write a website Manifesto for Young Gay Millennial

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Dear Poet Project

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Reprinted at Modern American Poetry. Let your language take a break from the daily grind and have a moment of glory. For this project, we're writing poetry. WritingFix Project: A Poem for Each Student making new connections with your students by writing of poems about them Hello, my name is Terry Stelle, and I created this webpage for the WritingFix website between spring and summer of The goal is to teach students to use the five senses when they write description and to use figurative language.

I approach the project lightly to make it fun. I give them rules: 1. write fast, 2. don't worry about spelling or punctuation 3. write about what is important to. Experiments. see also Poem Profiler and "wreading" experiments text messaging shothand, etc.

For example, Steve McCaffery's translation of the Communist Manifesto in West Riding for damages that may result consequent to the use of this material in educational institutions or individual writing project. 7) Write a poem based on your belief about life after death or about what you WISH you believed.

8) Write a poem using all of the following words: snake, honey, thaw. 9) Write a poem from the perspective of a character in a fairy tale. Thus, a poem must, like a song, be memorizable, or, even better, easy to remember. You can achieve this by using few—but the best—words, counting out an invariable rhythm, and drawing on the concentrated power of inherited stock phrases.

3. All poetry is political poetry, and every poem must belong to a party. That party is called a genre. 4.

Writing a poetry manifesto project
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Poetry Response Ability (a manifesto) | Trish Hopkinson – THE FEM