Writing an operating system in lisp

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Review of Operating Systems

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Operating the Lisp Machine

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LOSAK is a Lisp operating system kernel implemented as a compiler. LOSAK is also the name of the dialect of Lisp used. This project is comprised of two parts: the LOSAK language, and an example operating system that is built on top of LOSAK.

Dec 29,  · If you think the greatest pleasure in programming comes from getting a lot done with code that simply and clearly expresses your intention, then programming in Common Lisp is likely to be about the most fun you can have with a computer.

Beating the Averages Paul Graham language as the operating system. Ten years ago, writing applications meant writing applications in C. But with Web-based software, We knew Lisp was a really good language for writing software quickly, and server-based applications magnify. Writing operating systems in Lisp sounds like the best idea.

Particularly based on the assertions of what Lisp offers by those who actively advocate it. Lisp does not map to the abstractions preferred in the definition of systems as evidenced by the greater popularity of imperative languages.

avoid non deterministic operating system or hardware side-e ects as much as possible, the pc was freshly re- wedescribeour rstattemptat writing Lisp code equialenvt to that of listing 1. This attempt is shown in listing 2.

(defun add (to from val) How to make Lisp go faster than C.

Writing an operating system in lisp
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